Isamu Noguchi

I cannot believe this sculpture but it must be true it is an amazment.

Cool designer Isamu Noguchi fountain Japanese American Isamu Noguchi (IsamuNoguchi ,1904-1988) was the most famous sculptors of the 20th century, is one of the earliest attempts to combine sculpture and landscape design people. Isamu Noguchi once said; “I like to think the sculpture garden as a space.” He devoted his whole life with outdoor sculpture ways of shaping the land.


Mitsutoshi Kudo

Another Ice sculpture that I have come across on my journey of researching 😛 Temperatures in some parts of japan can drop down quite low so when these popular ice sculpture competition comes along they work all around the clock to finish them before they melt and have time for everyone else to see.


Ready for the japanese ice sculpting festival 😀

Art piece jungle gym! -Toshiko Horiuchi

Art isn’t just to look at by the seems of it suggested by Toshiko Horiuchi. He created this as a sculpture piece of art but also for the kids to play and have fun. I would love to have a go of that 😀 Looks so fun!

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam Woods of Net Knitted Wonder Space 2009

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Motohiko Odani

However creepy this sculpture is, you can see that it has meaning to it. This reminds me of some of the stories that anime and manga have told about souls floating etc. This reminds me the souls out of the anime I have watched. It looks as though this person has just left it’s body. Mothohiko Odani has created a very clever sculpture.

Mysterious Pearl Ice

“Mysterious Pearl” as taken with 400 ASA film in a Minolta Dynax 7: March 2006 in Fairbanks, AK at the World Ice Art Championships. Sculpture by Junichi Nakamura, Shinichi Sawamura, Dan Rebholz, & Derek Maxfield. 2nd place, multi-block realistic category.

Ice sculpturing is so pretty but such a shame it doesn’t last long but at least you can enjoy it’s beauty whilst it lasts


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天壇大佛 Tian Tan Buddha

The Big Buddha (天壇大佛, Tian Tan Buddha) on Lantau island is such a lovely place to visit when your in HK. I went there when I was 5-6 years old and remember me and my sister asking our dad to carry us up the 1000 steps that lay before this huge Buddha.  This isn’t one of my photo’s as they are locked in a cupboard somewhere (if I find them I shall be sure to scan them in and upload them). This isn’t just a sculpture as there is a temple underneath the Buddha where you can pray and light your incense. I am definitely in love with this sculpture and the fact that it is of the Buddhist religion and it’s up high in the open gives a heavenly feel when your actually there and climbing all total 1000 steps to heaven 😀


Spoonbridge and Cherry

In the Pop Art Sculpture, Claes Oldenburg was considered one of the most important representatives of the movement. He created many large scale public works. A famous work of his, in collaboration with Coosje Van Bruggen, is the Spoonbridge and Cherry in Minneapolis.

Spoonbridge and Cherry – Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen