Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, been thrown in the air with work haha! I’ve been tangling through other social media and found some inspiration today. Although I do not believe in a religion I am open to all knowledge and being on twitter with other design blogs and designers I came across a christian graphic designer called Andrew Kelsall and he designed these really enthusiastic posters that would draw anyone’s attention to find out what it’s all about. A very modern approach to attract youngsters of all ages to attend church and maybe enjoy the experience. The power of a design can lead people to places that they would probably never go to with out being drawn there by something inspiring.

Here is one of the posters:

Design = faith

To check out the other posters visit Andrews site:


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen

DENY Designs post up an artist every week that hit’s their top designers. This weeks is a girl called Sophia Buddenhagen and her designs and paintings are so amazing and colourful that they are actually printed on bedding sheets and furniture as it looks so abstract and beautiful it gives a nice happy and bright feeling. I really admire her work, I love how the colour is splashed on in a reckless way but creates a simplistic edgey design.

Check it out:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen.

Rainy day art project!

Choosemydecorator created this beautiful silhouette of 2 birds on a branch using collage material from magazines and newpapers or clothing to create textures and then choose a silhouette of your choice to paint of with paint. Then pull off your design to leave a silhouette of texture.

I may try this out as it would look great in anyone’s home or as a gift to someone and it’s simple and easy to do.

Check out her instructions to have a go yourself. I most certainly am inspired to ^^

Rainy day art project!.

For my project this is a good piece of inspiration and the idea of Faces for the graduate show I could use typographically emoticons to make up the title GRADUATE SHOW and add colour to each emoticon to make it appear more interesting.

News infograph style

My lecturer let us in on his favourite website and I can see the reason why. It’s a cool and easy infograph navigation site. All the news from around the world gets uploaded and the categories you can select for the news you want to see. I think this is an amazing piece of design and a great idea because it’s easy to use and you can get rid of the headlines you have no interest in, like I have no interest in sports so I un-click it on the toolbar below.

Check it out yourself and see what you think 🙂


I was browsing through wordpress posts and I came across this blog called Three photographs. It is a blog about the persons photography where ever she may go. The blog posts consists of 3 photographs. Why 3? because she was taught by her parents that when everything in life comes in three’s, the good, the bad and everything inbetween. Very interesting concept and the photography is beautiful 🙂

I really like these 3 photos that she has taken of the block shaped buildings. The 3 photo’s compliment each other even though they are different buildings it brings a interesting combination.

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Japanese manga plates

Stephen Banks is a great graphic designer that graduated from our course at the University of Wales, Newport a few years previous. He is our fellow friend that helps us and inspires us a great deal along our journey through the course and his site:

Is a great inspiration for everyone to look at.

Recently, he had posted about japanese manga plates and I love anime and manga. As soon as I saw these I was completely intrigued and thought they were absolutely amazing. Such a cool idea as you could probably mix and match manga drawings at the table. I’d want them. Wouldn’t you?

Light spectrum chart

I needed to create a spectrum chart so instead of nicking one off the internet I decided to make my own. First I decided to draw and colour one using colouring pencils and strong pigmented colours fading into the next colours of the spectrum.

Then I placed my coloured chart into photoshop. Brightened the colours up more using the brightness, contrast and vibrance tools. Then using the filter effect blur I managed to soften the colours more to blend into each other nicely.