Wendy’s Doggie Do’s

Wendy's Doggie Do's

Whilst on my 2 weeks of experience at Smart Graphics in 2012 I was asked to design a logo/title for a local business called Wendy Doggie Do’s. The client requested a graffti/ american type font, so I found one that was reasonable and then I drew a paw shape to replace the ‘o’. The images were insisted by the client so we had to print them on vinyl to place on the van ready.



Personal identity

Hey everyone, I have got to a point in my development where I have got a few designs that I am very happy with and have nearly reached the stage of choosing what works. The green, grey and white colours are one of my favourites as they collide so well together and also stand out with a nice simple professional presence. Here are some I have been playing around with to see which ones look better. Let me know what you think below ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!



Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, been thrown in the air with work haha! I’ve been tangling through other social media and found some inspiration today. Although I do not believe in a religion I am open to all knowledge and being on twitter with other design blogs and designers I came across a christian graphic designer called Andrew Kelsall and he designed these really enthusiastic posters that would draw anyone’s attention to find out what it’s all about. A very modern approach to attract youngsters of all ages to attend church and maybe enjoy the experience. The power of a design can lead people to places that they would probably never go to with out being drawn there by something inspiring.

Here is one of the posters:

Design = faith

To check out the other posters visit Andrews site: