Dennis Oppenheim

Dennis Oppenheim a architect and sculpture artist created Device to Root Out Evil in CANADA Vancouver. It is quite a bizzare thing to create and a lot of people are complaining about it as if it were to fall over it could kill someone.


Richard Rogers partnership

Richard Rogers partnership are the company that designed the new welsh assembly building in Cardiff Bay. It is actually very similar to our newest campus building for University of Wales, Newport.

University of Wales, Newport

Notre dame and Parliment

Notre Dame is a beautiful building. I took a quick peak of it when I went to France and I do like modern architecture but I do also love is old beautiful buildings. I wouldn’t personally like to live in one but I do admire the architecture of them and Notre Dame is a perfect example of a beautiful old architectural building. I haven’t found the architect how design this building but I think it may have just been the cathedral architects so it describes on wikipedia anyways.

Millennium Centre

Capita Architecture (used to be known as Percy Thomas architects) was the company that designed our amazing millennium centre down Cardiff Bay here in Wales. Here is a photo I took of the beautiful galean structure:


This is also my one of my favourite venues because of it’s beauty and for some of the shows (that can even come from west end). I used to come down to cardiff bay with my family quite often when I was younger and we would go into the millenium centre just to have a coffee in the cafe 😛 mmhhmmm lovely.

John Andrews

John Andrews designed one of the tallest towers in the world, The CNN Tower in Canada. Someone I know of has been up this huge tower. You step into an elevator outside the building and when you arrive at the top of it the floor is made out of a meter thick of glass. It is very high. Beautiful to look at though 🙂

Norman Foster

Norman Foster, a British architect that built the outstanding building The Gherkin in London (which I call the bullet as it reminds me of those bullets that shoot you in Mario). It is Sir Alan Sugar’s building, the entrepreneur that now has his own series called The Apprentice.

Prince Charles argued black and blue about this building being built as he is quite old fashioned and likes to keep London historical (which is a fair point but I think new buildings should be allowed to be created so we are modern but old buildings should not be knocked down.