Personal identity

Hey everyone, I have got to a point in my development where I have got a few designs that I am very happy with and have nearly reached the stage of choosing what works. The green, grey and white colours are one of my favourites as they collide so well together and also stand out with a nice simple professional presence. Here are some I have been playing around with to see which ones look better. Let me know what you think below 🙂 thanks!



Able radio leaflets

Just finished the able radio leaflets. I have designed one but altered the colour designs, one in the original able radio colours and one in my suggested colours. The one to the left is a design I created with their original colours. The one to the right is my version to represent able radio’s company in a more professional manor still keeping a bit of their colours but toned down to look more tidy and modern. The top design is the back of the tri-fold. The bottom design is the inside of the leaflet.

The design itself

The pointed objects coming out of the right hand sides is an idea I came up with: people drive around listening to the radio or have radios in their homes and the aerial can be pulled up in layers. I used the outline to create a stereo volume channels to represent music and the radio. Also if you look at it landscape it looks like a city skyline.