DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen

DENY Designs post up an artist every week that hit’s their top designers. This weeks is a girl called Sophia Buddenhagen and her designs and paintings are so amazing and colourful that they are actually printed on bedding sheets and furniture as it looks so abstract and beautiful it gives a nice happy and bright feeling. I really admire her work, I love how the colour is splashed on in a reckless way but creates a simplistic edgey design.

Check it out:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen.


Akiane Kramarik

This girl started painting at a very young age and even though I am not a religious person I respect any and every religion that is out there because someone’s faith in anything is a brilliant thing. I believe that if you have faith in something then it should never be judged upon and it is how you feel and what you believe is right that makes us human.
Akiane Kramarik is such a  wonder to this world. Her faith and belief in god inspires her to paint. It is amazing that god communicates through and to her to also communicate to the world. My friend once told me that god works in many ways and has a plan for all of us. I have to admit but I believe that. This girl is a good example of this sentence. Her paintings have so much depth and meaning to them, even though she or some other people may not understand them, but as the communication is from god it may not meant to be understood but just needed to be shared. It could also just be a simple act to let others know that god is always there and this girl is the message to all.
Her art work and ideas are astounding. I am in love with this one especially this one. I think it means that god is watching over us.

A lot of them are to do with space. It could be suggesting that god is the universe?

Here is Akiane with her paintings in an art gallery 🙂


As we’re going to Rome soon with the university I am very excited as Rome is one of the most historical places I would absolutely love to see. Michelangelo painted the Sisteen chapel and this is one of the things I would like to see whilst in Rome.

David Hockney

David Hockney, english painter, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. From what I have seen of his work not only does he stop at taking photographs but he uses them as a reference for his prints and painting. This night sky and street is painted in a soft blurred out style, almost like images used in kids books.
I quite like this style he has created as it has quite a nice soft feeling to it. I think it’s soothing.


I am absolutely amazed and so taken with M.C. Escher. He was someone that I discovered in last years essay. I adore his work with a passion. I love how he creates these beautiful shaped, textured wonders of images. He is such an intelligent man to create mind boggling puzzles like these it’s astounding. His ideas are incredible and all come from places all over the world. These are places he has visited and started to draw but he see’s a certain potential in certain parts of these destinations and then touches his imagination and inspiration to draw and create this confusing brilliance.
Here is the most famous one of all and it’s the winding stairs. Escher’s work I personally believe have a clever science to it. Which side of this picture is the right side up? Which stairs are meant to be or not meant to be? Or is there a right side up?

Robert Rauchenburg

Rauchenburg, is an artist I discovered on my first university project and I was quite taken with his amazing choice of colour in his work whilst printmaking. His inspiration was the towns junk that was thrown in bins. He would spend most of his time looking for things in bins around cities; collecting things that he thought could create a strange or good texture on his next piece of work.
This is one of his paintings. It is very vague but to me at a distance squinting your eyes whilst looking at this gave me the image of a sunset by the sea at an exotic or holiday destination. I love this burst burning colours that he has chosen.

This is a lovely example of colour in one of his prints.