Doctor Who?

In one of my projects the brief was about “Time”. My inspiration came from the series Doctor Who. I used the Time symbols that they created for the series as inspiration to create these ideas. Although I never actually used them for the final idea after. Here are some of the ones I made.

My first University project using screen printing and mono. The quote I chose is a lyric out of a japanese song used for the second opening of an anime called “Bleach”. It is one of my favourite songs written by the band called UVERworld.

The meaning translation:

“Will we lose it someday? I want to protect you and that disappearing smile”
“Itsuka ushinatte shima no kana? Usurete iku egao to kimi wo mamoritai kara.”

The fourth image I used glue through the screen and then dusted glitter over the letters.
I did make the words with tinsel pipe cleaners and sewed them on to the print but it’s still at the university at the moment. When I get it back I shall post it up, enjoy ^^