Advert :)

My awesome little advert to go inside my folded magazine 🙂 it’s double sided too, here it is:

(Couldn’t get them at the right size on the blog sorry)

Front is gloss and the back is matt 🙂


Finished and Printed Magazine

This is the final piece of my magazine. I have had it printed but as expected when trying to make the folds of the document work weeks ago, the folding hasn’t gone exactly to plan. I didn’t really know what I could have done to solve it. I just couldn’t get it to work on the document, so it is a let down but I am still happy with the work I have done even if it isn’t folded properly 🙂

Light spectrum chart

I needed to create a spectrum chart so instead of nicking one off the internet I decided to make my own. First I decided to draw and colour one using colouring pencils and strong pigmented colours fading into the next colours of the spectrum.

Then I placed my coloured chart into photoshop. Brightened the colours up more using the brightness, contrast and vibrance tools. Then using the filter effect blur I managed to soften the colours more to blend into each other nicely.