Faces: Emoticons

An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters. They were created to express ones mood over the internet e.g. Facebook, twitter, myspace, MSN, Skype etc. As I was walking down the 10 flights of stairs in the university with my colleague I noticed that each floor had two bright lights on the wall and with the barrier it looked like a emoticon    😐    :S    :>    😦

So I have taken some photo’s that look like faces 😀


Starring Orion

Of the selection of the photo’s I took in the earlier post, I chose one of the photo’s where the constellation of Orion was clear and more visible in the photo, but the light pollution was clouding the scenery. So I used the exposure and hue saturation in photoshop to get rid of the light pollution and to make the stars of Orion beautifully clear in the sky.

Constellation Orion and star Sirius

BBC Star gazing live has now begun with once again the brilliant Brian Cox and the lovely Dara O’brien. This is an amazing show that is presented live every January to feed you with information about the stars and universe. Even how to take photo’s with simple equipment. So I have now started to take photo’s of the night sky again but from my bedroom window as I have been out all day and want to be in the warmth. So I have improved a little with my photography since the last lot of photo’s I took. (Make sure you click on them and use the viewing feed because you can’t see the detail otherwise) Enjoy 🙂

Here is the star gazing live website if you are as interested as I am 🙂


Millennium Centre

Capita Architecture (used to be known as Percy Thomas architects) was the company that designed our amazing millennium centre down Cardiff Bay here in Wales. Here is a photo I took of the beautiful galean structure:



This is also my one of my favourite venues because of it’s beauty and for some of the shows (that can even come from west end). I used to come down to cardiff bay with my family quite often when I was younger and we would go into the millenium centre just to have a coffee in the cafe 😛 mmhhmmm lovely.

Jupiter and The Moon

My first ever photo’s of capturing the night sky. It’s not brilliant but it’s a start to my astrophotography and I’m hoping to get better 🙂 I captured these images with my new binoculars, camera tripod and my Nikon D300 DLSR. When I get my camera fixed soon I shall take more photo’s of the night sky as I am learning new tips on how to capture the stars. Here are my photo’s of my first night ^^