Graphic design has intrigued me from the time in my life I had a choice to choose the subject as a GCSE in school. I was never completely interested in art, but along my footpath I stumbled upon something in between art and sophisticated design.

Graphic design has pretty much been my life from that moment on. Something that I used to love doing for fun as a child developed into something unique. A world of combination: my world of graphic design that can link a communication between you and the world to reveal everything you do as a designer.


Everything in this day and age moves very quickly. The new becomes the old in a matter of weeks or months these days, so it is important to keep up to scratch with modern design. It is also a help to pay great attention to what is going on around you, even if it is in the local news. Anything and everything is inspirational for new ideas.
Information and vision from your client is vital as it is always important to get a feel of what they desire from their specifications. Also is a good idea to start to research subject related matters that could spark a fuse or two to give you a start of concept.

Map out

It is always a well-good-organised person that gets ahead of schedule and has everything laid out ready to be explored. As a graphic designer it is a very useful tool to start planning in advance as you are time limited to a deadline. Mange your time wisely and precisely until the due date. Planning is the first step forward towards your requested goal and also gives you vision to see which paths to walk down and explore.


Design is not something that instantly occurs. Explore this world that can spark up ideas and concepts, inspiration is what makes us move forward. Seeking out design that exists is a great way of inspiring your own development. Research anything and everything; it is the key to unlock you to new doors to outdoors even. Take your camera and capture your inspiration outside.

If you are positive and willing, you can do anything you set your mind to.


Whilst researching, if you come across a something that light’s a bulb above your head, experiment with the concept. You will never know what could have been if you do not take the step forward to try. You can always take a step back if the experiment doesn’t go down the right path. Experimenting could lead down another path and take you to a complete different zone.

Caught in the Web

Technology today is all about the web. The internet is a new and easier way of communicating with the world. Social networks like facebook and twitter are essential nowadays as they are a form of getting noticed by not just locally but worldwide. Put up a blog of your work and ideas, someone is bound to notice and be inspired. It is also a good way to get feedback about your work from other people and could also spark a fuse to another idea.


Another man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Something doesn’t work for you? Don’t throw it away, it could be useful for a future project or could be developed into something totally different. If you are staring at a blank page take a break and give your mind a rest, motivation leads to the reasons why you became a graphic designer, not because you needed a job but because you enjoy it.


From the day you decided to become a designer and developed you’re work, eventually a stamp is formed. This stamp is your style of work. Your own ideas and development create a style that can only be recognised as you. Be yourself and always remember unique and personal is a way of communicating with the world to expose your personality in a subtle way.

Proud and Positive

You should always admire your work as a designer; it expresses your love in what you do and should not go unlooked and appreciated. Never be disheartened by your work, there is always room for improvement, be proud. Don’t be shy; share your admiration with friends, family, even the public.

Quality over Quantity

My personal belief is quality is better than quantity. Respect your work; the quality is always recognised. To have a few high quality designs is better than having a load of undeveloped ideas or designs. The amount of time it may have taken to whip up lots of thoughtless designs and ideas, you could have developed a few well-thought ideas up with a concentrated quality added as a bonus extra.

Design is not something that you can know everything about. A designer keeps on learning new concepts, just as we age we experience life and everything is a learning curve. No one ever stops learning and design is our world that we live in that expands and grows to spread out as far as this universe can go. Design develops into newer and more interesting knowledge for every graphic designer, fashion designer, web designer, advertiser, artist or photographer.


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