News infograph style

My lecturer let us in on his favourite website and I can see the reason why. It’s a cool and easy infograph navigation site. All the news from around the world gets uploaded and the categories you can select for the news you want to see. I think this is an amazing piece of design and a great idea because it’s easy to use and you can get rid of the headlines you have no interest in, like I have no interest in sports so I un-click it on the toolbar below.

Check it out yourself and see what you think 🙂


Faces: Emoticons

An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters. They were created to express ones mood over the internet e.g. Facebook, twitter, myspace, MSN, Skype etc. As I was walking down the 10 flights of stairs in the university with my colleague I noticed that each floor had two bright lights on the wall and with the barrier it looked like a emoticon    😐    :S    :>    😦

So I have taken some photo’s that look like faces 😀

Hudgens Faces

I was on my Facebook page when a post came up saying that Vanessa Hudgens made it on the front cover of a magazine called faces. This gave me an insight to what one interpretation would be of the word faces. A representation of the celeb world presented in a weekly or monthly magazine called Faces. The letters that make up to word ‘Faces’ could also be a face to represent the word faces and meaning.


I was browsing through wordpress posts and I came across this blog called Three photographs. It is a blog about the persons photography where ever she may go. The blog posts consists of 3 photographs. Why 3? because she was taught by her parents that when everything in life comes in three’s, the good, the bad and everything inbetween. Very interesting concept and the photography is beautiful 🙂

I really like these 3 photos that she has taken of the block shaped buildings. The 3 photo’s compliment each other even though they are different buildings it brings a interesting combination.

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Starring Orion

Of the selection of the photo’s I took in the earlier post, I chose one of the photo’s where the constellation of Orion was clear and more visible in the photo, but the light pollution was clouding the scenery. So I used the exposure and hue saturation in photoshop to get rid of the light pollution and to make the stars of Orion beautifully clear in the sky.

Constellation Orion and star Sirius

BBC Star gazing live has now begun with once again the brilliant Brian Cox and the lovely Dara O’brien. This is an amazing show that is presented live every January to feed you with information about the stars and universe. Even how to take photo’s with simple equipment. So I have now started to take photo’s of the night sky again but from my bedroom window as I have been out all day and want to be in the warmth. So I have improved a little with my photography since the last lot of photo’s I took. (Make sure you click on them and use the viewing feed because you can’t see the detail otherwise) Enjoy 🙂

Here is the star gazing live website if you are as interested as I am 🙂