Book Covers :)

At this present time we have been assigned a international brief from Penguin and Puffin book publishers. Two Book covers, Penguin: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest for the adult books and Puffin: Grimm’s Fairy Tales for the children’s books. Here are my versions and designs 🙂


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen

DENY Designs post up an artist every week that hit’s their top designers. This weeks is a girl called Sophia Buddenhagen and her designs and paintings are so amazing and colourful that they are actually printed on bedding sheets and furniture as it looks so abstract and beautiful it gives a nice happy and bright feeling. I really admire her work, I love how the colour is splashed on in a reckless way but creates a simplistic edgey design.

Check it out:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen.

Fashion Final

I decided to go the the textured backgrounds mixed in with a cut out of some of the girls work from fashion. It is a collage as they request in a way but also sleek, elegant and professional looking. I quite like the booklet for the program as the textured that I inverted in photoshop fades and splashes into the front cover into the shaped models.



Texture poster

I picked one of the experiments and tried to make a poster (1) with it although I seem to have hit a dead end cause I’m not really sure what else to do with it at the moment. I have decided to do a more plain and simple poster(2) whilst in the midst of my mind block which is quite nice but not what the fashion students requested as it isn’t collage like or strangely eye catching in the sense of pop art.