Rainy day art project!

Choosemydecorator created this beautiful silhouette of 2 birds on a branch using collage material from magazines and newpapers or clothing to create textures and then choose a silhouette of your choice to paint of with paint. Then pull off your design to leave a silhouette of texture.

I may try this out as it would look great in anyone’s home or as a gift to someone and it’s simple and easy to do.

Check out her instructions to have a go yourself. I most certainly am inspired to ^^

Rainy day art project!.

For my project this is a good piece of inspiration and the idea of Faces for the graduate show I could use typographically emoticons to make up the title GRADUATE SHOW and add colour to each emoticon to make it appear more interesting.


Hudgens Faces

I was on my Facebook page when a post came up saying that Vanessa Hudgens made it on the front cover of a magazine called faces. This gave me an insight to what one interpretation would be of the word faces. A representation of the celeb world presented in a weekly or monthly magazine called Faces. The letters that make up to word ‘Faces’ could also be a face to represent the word faces and meaning.


National Science Museum – London

I love science! I have been to the national science museum in London and it is quite worth seeing 🙂 I would go there again to because I don’t think I got to see everything last time.


They even have art exhibitions held there in a separate building. This years looks quite interesting.



Today’s lecture has been insanely crazy and funny. The outcome of the lecture was to be your subject. So as mine was the apple on my front cover I looked at apples once again and then found these interesting pictures:


A light spectrum FINALLY! :D

The light spectrum is a natural occurance. If seen with the naked eye it is proof of the different wave lengths and that white light is made up of all the colours of the spectrum.
I couldn’t really hope to wait for a rainbow to happen, even with the amount of rain we get in Wales haha! So I came up with a simple experiment that I could use from home without any expensive equipment. I used natural light coming from my bedroom window grabbed any old CD and bended the direct sunlight on to the CD and on to some black paper to create a light spectrum 🙂 Here are the photo’s let me know what you think and suggestions of the best ones ^^

Light Spectrum and Refraction

I have specifically chosen a theme, it is on the scientific rules of refraction. My magazine will be based on the scientific explanations on how light refracts through glass. Here are photo’s of the experiment I created at home.
I’m hoping to capture some photo’s of a natural light spectrum caused by light refracting through glass or a through a natural occurance such as a rainbow. I cannot be certain to capture such an even as it is a natural occurance. Therefore if this doesn’t go to plan I shall try to illustrate into the magazine 🙂
The last few shots I did manage to capture some of the light spectrum shining through, not sure how but I am glad either way 😀


These are the photo’s of the apple I have just eaten :P. I took a lot of photo’s but every shot is unique so it’s just in case. Also I can use the different shots to draw different looks of the apple, only one can be chosen so better to have a variety 🙂

Anyone have any opinions? I am nothing but welcoming to thoughts, just leave them in the comment section below ^^

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