Sydney Opera House

I would definately love to visit this venue. It looks stunning and the architecture is amazing. I would probably go and see a show here as well just because it’s one of the most famous venues in the world.


St Fagans

St fagans is a very cool and historical place. I used to go on trips there all the time and it is quite fun. I remember making waxed candles that smelt like honey. We also made things with oranges as well. This is a fantastic place to go and I could go again and again because it is always fascinating to learn about things.

Cardiff International Arena

Now even though this isn’t much to look at but it’s still my favourite venue because it is local and it holds awesome events like comedians and concerts even of bands I love 🙂 but I don’t like it’s recently changed name. Even though the CIA has been taken over by someone else I don’t think they should have changed the name as the CIA is what everyone knew it has. It was apart of cardiff but now it’s called the motor point which is a horrible name.

O2 arena

O2 arena is very similar to our millennium stadium. It’s one of the reasons why I like it and I would love to go there to see a concert or show. It’s sooo big I would love to experience such a huge event there. It would be amazing.

Globe Theatre

I would really like to see this globe theatre in London. It has so much history to it and also if you didn’t know Doctor who filmed here in  series 3 shakespeare code with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman.

Here’s a clip of scene 3 of Shakespeare code episode inside the glode theatre:

London Theatre

I’ve always wanted to go and see a show in the london theatre. My top one I would like to see  is The Lion King because I have seen clips of the show and I loved the disney film as a child, it looks amazing. This has to be one of my top venues. I’m hoping to go see a show sometimes next year if I can manage to afford it 😀