Stone Henge

I am not a big fan of statues of people, I was a bit weary of this particular category because I have a fear of statues. Researching sculptures and what comes up…STATUES O_O I really don’t like them and I’m not a fan of china dolls either. So with sculptures I will not be posting any statues of exact form of human beings or angels or anything like that >< I am very disturbed by them.

Right, (Back to the topic) I have always wanted to visit Stone Henge. It’s always been a mystery that place but so fascinating. It was also in an episode of the newest series’ of Doctor Who with Matt smith. I would class this as a sculpture even though we do not know who put it there but nevertheless whoever did put it there placed it in that specific design for some sort of purpose whether that is just cause of appearance or for a scientific reason would not matter.

Some people think that there is a festive event or religious reason Stonehenge being here. Some go there every year gathering around it waiting for something to happen.



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