Gentletude Competition



New invites!

I thought I would use the design I used for the banner as a neat design for the invites. I cut a part of the design from the banner and placed it half way over the invite using the same colours for the front. As for the back I decided that the text was two colours of green so I would change the colours of the design to match the text colour and move the design around a bit so it shows a different part of the categories.



Mixed the colours around a bit now. Gone for a green 🙂 I am happy with the last one but not sure if this will be the last chosen posters.

Quick Add

From the previous post I was talking about trashing through my usual elegant white space style to try and mix it up a lil’ so after I did that I thought I would add a bit more texture to the background using my 2012  concept. I’m not quite sure about it yet; it may look a bit crowded, but it looks okay. Please let me know what you think if you have any comments 🙂


For this poster experiment I have used a lot more colour and space and using a coloured background to give it a different feel. My next move is to push myself further out of my comfort zone more by changing the colour of the background from black to a subtle colour (maybe beige?) and to try and work round a different set of colours.
This poster is a lot more crowded but not so crowded that you don’t know what’s going on. I have used to space generously but still understandable and clear. I have also put a box for information – we haven’t actually been given the information that needs to go on here as of yet but when we do I shall alter this to the correct detail. I have translated the subjects into both english and welsh but need to work on a way to put a translation for the title ‘Graduate Show’ and ‘Faces’. I could put a thin rule between the English title downwards and then mirror the welsh as another side of the face.