Able Radio

Able Radio is a live, online, radio station presenting shows at the heart of the disabled community.
As the first live station of its kind, our remit is to move forward with disability and restrictive medical
conditions. Great music, information and chat presented by a multitude of presenters, each adding
their own unique style, focussed on the ability in disability. Able Radio was founded in 2006 by a
group of volunteers passionate about improving the everyday lives of disabled people. The enterprise
grew rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the disabled community. Beyond
via training, outside broadcasts and remote satellite centres.

Funding from The Big Lottery has assisted in this rapid development with the introduction of a small
professional management team to drive operations and future expansion. Underpinning all activities
are a team of dedicated volunteers, most living with a disability themselves. Able Radio is however
not a charity, but  a social enterprise. This means that it is dependent for most of its operational

Graphic Design has been presented by Able Radio and has requested us to re-brand their company with a new logo, and leaflets, brochures etc.

Here is their site:

Here are my experiments with creating a new logo:

These were the first attempts but not very experimental.

The logo’s below are more developed into better ideas. I began to think about the radio industry and think of things it can relate to like headphones and music notes. As ‘b’ and ‘d’ represent a similar look-a-like to headphones I highlighted them in the colours of able radio. Then started to play around with the bridge of the head phones. The last one I decided to use a music note ūüôā