Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, been thrown in the air with work haha! I’ve been tangling through other social media and found some inspiration today. Although I do not believe in a religion I am open to all knowledge and being on twitter with other design blogs and designers I came across a christian graphic designer called Andrew Kelsall and he designed these really enthusiastic posters that would draw anyone’s attention to find out what it’s all about. A very modern approach to attract youngsters of all ages to attend church and maybe enjoy the experience. The power of a design can lead people to places that they would probably never go to with out being drawn there by something inspiring.

Here is one of the posters:

Design = faith

To check out the other posters visit Andrews site:


Able radio leaflets

Just finished the able radio leaflets. I have designed one but altered the colour designs, one in the original able radio colours and one in my suggested colours. The one to the left is a design I created with their original colours. The one to the right is my version to represent able radio’s company in a more professional manor still keeping a bit of their colours but toned down to look more tidy and modern. The top design is the back of the tri-fold. The bottom design is the inside of the leaflet.

The design itself

The pointed objects coming out of the right hand sides is an idea I came up with: people drive around listening to the radio or have radios in their homes and the aerial can be pulled up in layers. I used the outline to create a stereo volume channels to represent music and the radio. Also if you look at it landscape it looks like a city skyline.


New invites!

I thought I would use the design I used for the banner as a neat design for the invites. I cut a part of the design from the banner and placed it half way over the invite using the same colours for the front. As for the back I decided that the text was two colours of green so I would change the colours of the design to match the text colour and move the design around a bit so it shows a different part of the categories.


Quick Add

From the previous post I was talking about trashing through my usual elegant white space style to try and mix it up a lil’ so after I did that I thought I would add a bit more texture to the background using my 2012  concept. I’m not quite sure about it yet; it may look a bit crowded, but it looks okay. Please let me know what you think if you have any comments 🙂

Poster experiments

Using my ideas from the previous project post I started to play around with the elements I had created on paper and transferred them to illustrator. Here are 3 posters I have done, let me know what you think 🙂