Gentletude Competition


Able radio leaflets

Just finished the able radio leaflets. I have designed one but altered the colour designs, one in the original able radio colours and one in my suggested colours. The one to the left is a design I created with their original colours. The one to the right is my version to represent able radio’s company in a more professional manor still keeping a bit of their colours but toned down to look more tidy and modern. The top design is the back of the tri-fold. The bottom design is the inside of the leaflet.

The design itself

The pointed objects coming out of the right hand sides is an idea I came up with: people drive around listening to the radio or have radios in their homes and the aerial can be pulled up in layers. I used the outline to create a stereo volume channels to represent music and the radio. Also if you look at it landscape it looks like a city skyline.

Fashion Final

I decided to go the the textured backgrounds mixed in with a cut out of some of the girls work from fashion. It is a collage as they request in a way but also sleek, elegant and professional looking. I quite like the booklet for the program as the textured that I inverted in photoshop fades and splashes into the front cover into the shaped models.



Fashion Show

Fashion brief is for a graduate show but it is seperate from the main show. They want a traditional british collage/popart like poster that isn’t cliche in the sense of including manikins, sewing machines etc. So when I went to Rome recently and whilst I was having an amazing time out there I did take photos of some textures.


Mixed the colours around a bit now. Gone for a green 🙂 I am happy with the last one but not sure if this will be the last chosen posters.