Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, been thrown in the air with work haha! I’ve been tangling through other social media and found some inspiration today. Although I do not believe in a religion I am open to all knowledge and being on twitter with other design blogs and designers I came across a christian graphic designer called Andrew Kelsall and he designed these really enthusiastic posters that would draw anyone’s attention to find out what it’s all about. A very modern approach to attract youngsters of all ages to attend church and maybe enjoy the experience. The power of a design can lead people to places that they would probably never go to with out being drawn there by something inspiring.

Here is one of the posters:

Design = faith

To check out the other posters visit Andrews site:


Leaflet printed

Fashion Final

I decided to go the the textured backgrounds mixed in with a cut out of some of the girls work from fashion. It is a collage as they request in a way but also sleek, elegant and professional looking. I quite like the booklet for the program as the textured that I inverted in photoshop fades and splashes into the front cover into the shaped models.



Texture poster

I picked one of the experiments and tried to make a poster (1) with it although I seem to have hit a dead end cause I’m not really sure what else to do with it at the moment. I have decided to do a more plain and simple poster(2) whilst in the midst of my mind block which is quite nice but not what the fashion students requested as it isn’t collage like or strangely eye catching in the sense of pop art.