Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, been thrown in the air with work haha! I’ve been tangling through other social media and found some inspiration today. Although I do not believe in a religion I am open to all knowledge and being on twitter with other design blogs and designers I came across a christian graphic designer called Andrew Kelsall and he designed these really enthusiastic posters that would draw anyone’s attention to find out what it’s all about. A very modern approach to attract youngsters of all ages to attend church and maybe enjoy the experience. The power of a design can lead people to places that they would probably never go to with out being drawn there by something inspiring.

Here is one of the posters:

Design = faith

To check out the other posters visit Andrews site:


DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen

DENY Designs post up an artist every week that hit’s their top designers. This weeks is a girl called Sophia Buddenhagen and her designs and paintings are so amazing and colourful that they are actually printed on bedding sheets and furniture as it looks so abstract and beautiful it gives a nice happy and bright feeling. I really admire her work, I love how the colour is splashed on in a reckless way but creates a simplistic edgey design.

Check it out:

DENY Designs Artist of The Week: Sophia Buddenhagen.

Graduate Show Idea

Using the idea of emoticons in the photo’s I took in the previous post I was inspired to typographically display faces and emoticons in a simular way as it is used on the internet instead of using photo’s or pictures of actually faces. This way it can be more creative and less realistic – different. I think this is a simple and easy way as well where as if I tried to use the photo’s it would take a lot longer and I don’t think the outcome and concept would be as great. Here are my ideas I came up with and then the light bulb came on and then created the last idea.

The theme is faces so I decided to use the type to create the face and as this is a show and it’s 2012 I thought to use that to create part of a face as well as using it for the title. The ‘2’ represents the ears, the ‘0’ represents the shape of the face, the ‘1’ represents the graduation hat and the ‘D’ in the title represents the smile.
For the translation in welsh I thought to reflect the idea below it so it would change the face to a sad face so it’s something different.
As I have asked a few people to tell me what they think earlier they didn’t quite understand the look and idea so I need to add a few changes and maybe colour code it so the idea is expressed and makes sense.

News infograph style

My lecturer let us in on his favourite website and I can see the reason why. It’s a cool and easy infograph navigation site. All the news from around the world gets uploaded and the categories you can select for the news you want to see. I think this is an amazing piece of design and a great idea because it’s easy to use and you can get rid of the headlines you have no interest in, like I have no interest in sports so I un-click it on the toolbar below.

Check it out yourself and see what you think 🙂

Faces: Emoticons

An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters. They were created to express ones mood over the internet e.g. Facebook, twitter, myspace, MSN, Skype etc. As I was walking down the 10 flights of stairs in the university with my colleague I noticed that each floor had two bright lights on the wall and with the barrier it looked like a emoticon    😐    :S    :>    😦

So I have taken some photo’s that look like faces 😀

Hudgens Faces

I was on my Facebook page when a post came up saying that Vanessa Hudgens made it on the front cover of a magazine called faces. This gave me an insight to what one interpretation would be of the word faces. A representation of the celeb world presented in a weekly or monthly magazine called Faces. The letters that make up to word ‘Faces’ could also be a face to represent the word faces and meaning.

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson was one of the first Graphic designers that I came across a few years back. His work is quite inspirational. The style of his work is marked with his ideas; flying letters and unique layouts. His typographic work is very interesting.
Since working with the other 2 members of  their group called ‘Gravitaz’ he has been working with the BBC and other stations creating opening title sequences of a lot of known programmes.
Gravitaz was made up of three members Platon, a famous photographer. Peter Anderson, a graphic designer and editor and Claire Todd a stylist. This group were like a whole design company with 100 designers but with just those three alone they created everything together using each of their abilities; Fashion, design and photo’s.

Check Peter Anderson out:

Here are some of my favourites: