Sadie Kwan

My other top ten illustrator has to be my sister because a few years back she was always stressed and wouldn’t be able to draw anime characters, but shockingly now she draws them from her inspiration. I am quite jealous of people that draw made up characters from their inspiration because it’s something I cannot do.















Top 10 Illustrators: Kubo Tite

Kubo Tite has to be one of my “Top 10 Illustrators” because his most successful manga and anime of all time is Bleach. I love to read and collect the manga books and also love to watch the show.

Kubo decided to become an manga artist at the age of 5. Kubo had submitted ¬†a few concepts before Bleach, however the first concept of “Zombiepowder” got rejected for 4 years until it was finally accepted into the Weekly “Shonen Jump magazine” in 1999 but shortly after it was cancelled as it was proven not very popular. ¬†In 2004 Bleach was developed and the anime started in 2005 then named winner of the¬†Shogakukan Manga Award in the same year.