The invites are here!

Before jumping into bed I decided to have a go at these invites for the graduate show. I gotta admit I do like this as it’s not as bright as the poster haha but that’s good because a poster needs to be eye catching as an invite is given to you. The colours are patched and matched together strangely enough and it just has the right amount of info on it. Where to go, a little bit of what it’s about and what’s included.

Give me the ‘Thumbs up’ if you like it 😉


2 responses to “The invites are here!

  1. Ah Jess, I do not understand graphics, but I can say this stuff looks very professional and well thought through. If it were handed to me I would look at it pretty closely; it ‘invites’ examination!

    • Haha yes after asking my peers they said that they didn’t really like it. Especially having the programmes around the edge. It was meant to be inviting in that way so you would look at what it said around the edges but I didn’t go with this idea after and designed a new set and my teacher was very happy with 🙂

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