Graduate Show Idea

Using the idea of emoticons in the photo’s I took in the previous post I was inspired to typographically display faces and emoticons in a simular way as it is used on the internet instead of using photo’s or pictures of actually faces. This way it can be more creative and less realistic – different. I think this is a simple and easy way as well where as if I tried to use the photo’s it would take a lot longer and I don’t think the outcome and concept would be as great. Here are my ideas I came up with and then the light bulb came on and then created the last idea.

The theme is faces so I decided to use the type to create the face and as this is a show and it’s 2012 I thought to use that to create part of a face as well as using it for the title. The ‘2’ represents the ears, the ‘0’ represents the shape of the face, the ‘1’ represents the graduation hat and the ‘D’ in the title represents the smile.
For the translation in welsh I thought to reflect the idea below it so it would change the face to a sad face so it’s something different.
As I have asked a few people to tell me what they think earlier they didn’t quite understand the look and idea so I need to add a few changes and maybe colour code it so the idea is expressed and makes sense.


2 responses to “Graduate Show Idea

    • Cool 🙂 I’m still a little worried of what rob and lattica might say though cause if they don’t get the concept or don’t like it I’m screwed cause I can’t think of anything else lol!! I’m having a breakdown ><

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