Competition & Commission

Competition and Commission

This is the new module of the semester commencing from the 30th January. It consists of a mix of several briefs and live commission, one brief includes a partnership with the Document photography students in our university which we will be sharing and exchanging work. The commissions are assigned to all of the art department not just Graphic Design, so there will be a lot of competition between professions. The judges will be deciding who’s work will be chosen for the job and the final pieces will be professionally printed. This is a perfect opportunity to have a professional piece of work that can be located on the web. All briefs and commissions will have short deadlines and will continue one after another.

This module is great experience to grasp hold of managing time and several briefs at the same time. Also having the opportunity to work with other professionals and maybe a graphic design company that could open up doors for a job after the degree. Besides all these possibilities and opportunities, I am very much looking forward to this module as it is something different to experience and exciting.

Please keep checking up on the blog as I shall be posting things up relating to this category soon 🙂



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