Akiane Kramarik

This girl started painting at a very young age and even though I am not a religious person I respect any and every religion that is out there because someone’s faith in anything is a brilliant thing. I believe that if you have faith in something then it should never be judged upon and it is how you feel and what you believe is right that makes us human.
Akiane Kramarik is such a  wonder to this world. Her faith and belief in god inspires her to paint. It is amazing that god communicates through and to her to also communicate to the world. My friend once told me that god works in many ways and has a plan for all of us. I have to admit but I believe that. This girl is a good example of this sentence. Her paintings have so much depth and meaning to them, even though she or some other people may not understand them, but as the communication is from god it may not meant to be understood but just needed to be shared. It could also just be a simple act to let others know that god is always there and this girl is the message to all.
Her art work and ideas are astounding. I am in love with this one especially this one. I think it means that god is watching over us.

A lot of them are to do with space. It could be suggesting that god is the universe?

Here is Akiane with her paintings in an art gallery 🙂


2 responses to “Akiane Kramarik

  1. Yup 🙂 I think I saw her on a programme on tv ages ago. I remember watching it with mum. In times that I needed it though I remembered XD She is a fascinating girl 🙂

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