Vincent Van Gogh

I have always admired Van Gogh’s work as it had his own perception of the world into his work. He would share through painting what he saw the world as. The most famous one that I knew throughout my childhood was the sun flowers and vase painting. The colours he chose specifically are a little dull and faded but bring out a sort of fresh look, and even though his paintings were not perfectly exact it they had a lot of character to them.

My favourite painting of all is starry night, another famous painting by old Vincent. He looked up to the sky and saw the stars glistening with light. Stars up close are technically like our sun and in this painting it’s quite a resemblance. Also our world spins on it’s axis and he obviously could see that and express it as the swirly patterns of star light shifts across the sky.

He also painted another star light one but it was more romantic and is another of my favourites called Starry night over the Rhone. If you look closer at the stars he has now seen that the light shines to a sharp point and sparkles. Also if you notice the stars in the middle that shine the brightest is the Ursa major constellation which we more commonly know as ‘The Plough’ or ‘ The sauce pan’. I love how the houses and the town lights are reflecting on the water tides. Such a beautiful painting.


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