Leonardo Davinchi

This is another artist I quite admire and not just for his paintings for his intelligence. The famous mona lisa “the creepy picture” where her eyes follow you where ever you are in the room. Quite a clever painting, her eyes are probably perceptive in some way that make it appear that she’s always starting at you. Her one side is known to be more feminine than the other. Curiosity rises then to why he painted her like that. Others say that the mona lisa is a version based on Davinchi himself.

The Davinchi code was a very good film I enjoyed very much and there are so many questions that arise from watching that film and probably more from the book itself. From what I’ve researched the Prior did exist and whether it doers today is a mystery, but I think it is a fact that is to be said that Davinchi was one of the masters of the Prior along with Sir Issac Newton.



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