Top 10 Curiosities: Albert Einstein

I recently watched a documentary on Albert Einstein’s life’s work. I find scientific discoveries extraordinary and science itself very interesting, but this documentary about him and his mind made me think where did his curiosity come from to ask the questions that led to his discoveries? Einstein would question things that we wouldn’t even dream to think of and yet his curiosity has led us to where we are today. Time and Relativity would not exist if he had not curiously asked the question: what makes this world tick? Although there are still a million questions that still need to be answered about the discovery that his curiosity found; if it hadn’t been for him we may wouldn’t have known anything about the answer in question.
So one of my curiosities is curiosity itself, especially Einstein’s curiosity.

The Mind of God, Einsteins Unfinished Symphony Documentary.
This is a great documentary about Einstein’s theories and life’s work. It includes a few of our well-known professors at universities across the globe. One of my favourite professors takes part in this documentary, Professor Brian Cox. I enjoyed watching this documentary, it was very interesting. Here is the video if you would like to watch it.


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