Anyone seen the last episode of the recent Doctor who? No? Oh well you don’t need to know, all you need to know is the cool stuff I just found about it 😛
Take a look at this inspired logo design; each letter is made out of a monster or a related object from the series of Doctor Who.

The ‘D’ is shaped using the time symbols created for the series and of course the Doctor’s famous tool – the sonic screwdriver.

The ‘O’ is a cute rendered image of the alien called ‘The Cybermen’.

The ‘C’ is the TARDIS trails created from it’s power and speed in the vortex.

The ‘T’ is of one of my frightful monsters in Doctor Who and that is of course the ‘Weeping Angels’.

The ‘O’ is in the shape of a alien race called ‘The ood’.

And last of all but not least is the ‘R’ that is in the shape of the most famous of all the aliens and monsters – ‘The Daleks’


This site has packaging to create a  3D box image of the TARDIS and some of the monsters. It is a bit complex but great design and would be awesome to make and have on your desk (especially the Dalek).


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