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To start off with, I know this does not have a relation as such to any graphic type work, but I wanted to share with you that my opinion is that this woman is an artist in my eyes. She is amazing at transforming something so simple using a basic technique into something uniquely surprising. It proves that everyone can be creative in different ways, whether that is computer generated, painting, drawing, fabricated, accessorized even being creative with beauty products is a form of artistic and design ideas.

Chriselle Lim is a fashion stylist on youtube. She hasn’t long been a youtuber, however she was first introduced by another youtuber, one of my favourite make-up artists of all time called Michelle Phan. Michelle became so famous on youtube for her style, make-up designs and beauty ideas, that she was offered a job to be a new make-up artist and representative for Lancôme (her dream job).

Michelle and Chriselle both work together as a team when freelancing; Michelle applies the make-up and Chriselle states the fashion and what a great pair they make.

Here is Chriselle’s video on how to transform a large square scarf into different styles items that I was so taken with. I hope this inspires you all and that anything is possible and that everyone can be just as creative as we graphic designers. Everyone’s ideas are a design themselves 🙂

Chriselle’s Youtube

Michelle Phan,default,pg.html


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